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The Alphabet of the Dead   – Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie, who is rightly considered the best crime novelist, has reached a level that is rarely surpassed, according to one critic, but year after year and book after book, her genius increases, her abilities as a novelist develop, and her intelligence becomes more brilliant.

With this story, which is considered one of the masterpieces of detective stories written by Agatha Christie, we find Agatha making her mark in the history of detective stories.

The idea of ​​the stories is no less fascinating than the way they are plotted. The killer in this story is a maniac who commits his crimes according to the alphabetical order of the names of his victims, beginning with The letter “A” kills Mrs. Asher in Andover, the letter “B” that kills Mrs. Betty Bernard on Bexhill Beach, and the letter “C” whose victim is Mr. Carmichael Clark of Chesterstone, and a sign of his way was the killer. Leaving beside the body an open alphabet train guide to the name of the place where the murder took place? How far will this criminal reach in the letters of the alphabet?

He committed so many crimes that it seemed no one would be able to catch him, but he made a mistake, the mistake all criminals make – when he challenged, out of pure vanity, Mr. Poirot’s ability to thwart his plans.

If you advise your colleagues to read this story, don’t suggest anything to them that will make them lose the pleasure of reading it.