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This Arbor Day, think about planting one yourself!

Photo: Alto Astral

Did you know that today (21) is celebrated Arbor Day? So it is! And this is a very important date, as it serves to make people aware about the importance of taking care of this very important natural resource that are trees.

So nothing better on this date than planting a tree yourself! Here are tips on how to do this and what are the best species to have at home:

Tree species tips to have at home

If you are going to plant the tree in your house, it is best choose species that can grow well indoors. Thus, the monguba, the olive tree, the lira fig tree and the false rubber tree, for example, are good options.

If you want to plant the tree on your sidewalk, you need to be even more careful. That’s because the wrong species for the environment can end up causing problems, bursting water or sewage pipes, causing failures in the electrical network or creating the risk of heavy branches falling.

And, in these cases, you will have to ask for a permit from the city and the local electric company to cut or prune the tree. So it’s best to think hard before choosing the tree for your driveway and research the pros and cons of each species. Some options that are usually good, in this sense, are ipês, manacá da serra and magnolia.

Arbor Day: ipês are a good option to plant outdoors — Shutterstock

Arbor Day: ipês are a good option to plant outdoors — Shutterstock

Photo: Alto Astral

It is worth remembering that, before planting a tree on the sidewalk, it is necessary to go to the city hall to obtain a permit. In many cases, the city may even indicate which species are a good option in your region.

How to plant?

After choosing which tree you will plant, it is necessary find a suitable placeafter all, it will grow and take up more space over time.

The first step of how to plant a tree is know how to choose the seedling, since there are species that like humid and shady places, while others prefer dry and sunny places. Also consider where you will plant the tree, as it will grow and take up more space.

Another tip for planting a tree well is to fertilize the land with substances such as cattle and chicken manure, organic compounds or earthworm humus, each of which may be more suitable for certain species. Already at the time of planting itself, the tip is to be careful when removing the seedling from the packaging and placing it in the hole in the earth vertically.

Also, if there are animals in the place where the tree will be planted, it may also be necessary to set up a fence around it. Then, just take good care of your tree and remember to water it with the right frequency!

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