San Diego Motorcycle Accident Lawyers: 13+ Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycles do not come with the same safety precautions like cars or other vehicles. Since motorcycles share roads with large vehicles and other vehicles, they are more hazardous for their drivers. The majority of motorcycle owners are aware the dangers they run into when they ride their motorcycles. They are enthralled by the excitement and are generally familiar with the background of bicycles. If a motorbike accident happens the consequences can be devastating, requiring the assistance of an San Diego motorcycle accident attorney.

San diego motorcycle accident attorney

San Diego is known as an all-year-round destination that has a warm climate and lots of outdoor activities It’s not surprising that it’s a favorite for motorcycle trips. Motorcycles are a great means of transport for those who prefer to relax and enjoy the view while driving. Southern California is one of the most beautiful areas in the country to enjoy this. But riding or driving the motorcycle is not without risk. There are a lot of dangers that are distinct to this form of transport. It can put motorcyclists at a greater danger of becoming involved in accidents as compared to drivers of other vehicles.

If you plan to either ride or run a motorcycle within San Diego, there are various steps you can make to make sure you are safe in California roads, which includes getting advanced driver training and being aware of the most common mistakes made by drivers. But, regardless of how experienced a driver you are you are always at greater risk from other drivers in the roadway and that’s why knowing the process of claiming personal injuries in the aftermath of motorcycle accidents is vital.

If you’ve suffered injuries during a crash on the road caused by the negligence of another driver You may be eligible for compensation. A lawyer with experience to pursue your claim is among the best ways to boost the chances of obtaining an acceptable settlement, a smooth claim procedure and a straight route to a favorable outcome following this devastating accident.

1. Tahlil Law Collection

Acclaim Legal Group is a personal injury law firm based on San Diego about the firm. It assists people who are injured in car accidents, which includes motorcycle accidents. The attorneys of Acclaim Law Group collaborate with insurance companies in order to help victims of accidents on the road to receive reimbursement for medical expenses and lost earnings. Injuries to pedestrians, unintentional deaths as well as dog attacks and incidents resulting from hazardous situations are handled through Acclaim Law Group. A number of partners from the firm are nominated as part of their inclusion on the Rising Stars List of Super Lawyers.

2. Bates Law, PC

Bates Law, PC, is a firm for personal injury that serves all of the San Diego area. Its legal department is able to handle motorcycle accidents. If the accident is caused by reckless driving or distracted changing of lane, the experts demand compensation from responsible authorities. They also represent people injured through drinking and driving, dog bites or even wrongful deaths. They also seek compensation for clients who suffer from workplace-related injuries. Over the past twenty years Paul Bates has been an advisor to the legal profession.

3. Boudl Legal Group

The Bodell Litigation Group is a San Diego-based accident lawyer made up of a group of motorcycle accident lawyers, provides legal counsel in a range of fields that include the law of personal injuries. The lawyers investigate the circumstances and medical records, examine the police reports, interview witnesses and deal with insurance companies in order to get fair compensation for victims of motorcycle accidents. To demonstrate their responsibility they seek out traffic safety experts as well as accident reconstruction experts. Accidents involving construction, product liability as well as dog bites are a few of the problems the company is able to handle.

4. Hanecak Law Inc

Hanecak Law Inc. It is an San Diego law firm based in San Diego established in the year 2011. It provides legal help for those who have been injured in motorbike accidents. The company’s founder, Daniel Hanijak, analyzes the case of his clients. He assists clients receive compensation for financial loss as well as personal property and physical injuries. The office also takes care of collisions involving buses, cars or bicycles, trucks, or pedestrians. He also deals with real estate matters including contract ambiguities and confusions.

5. Jasim’s Law

Jassim Law Firm is a San Diego-based motorbike accident lawyer, aids those injured in car crashes, specifically motorcycle accidents, by assisting them with personal injuries claims. The firm focuses on traffic accidents that can be especially dangerous for road users with smaller sized vehicles like motorcyclists. Jassim Law Firm represents clients across California and has seen notable successes in suing local governments for permitting roads to become unsafe for motorcyclists. The members from the San Diego County Bar Association form the legal team.

6. Kazerouni Law Group, APC

Kazerouni Law Group is a law firm located in Tunis. APC is a huge San Diego law practice with offices in Texas, Utah, Arizona and Minnesota. Along with a group of attorneys who represent victims of motor vehicle accidents. The firm assists victims of motorcycle accidents or other accidents with motor vehicles to obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible for brain injuries that are traumatic as well as wrongful deaths and fractured bones that result from of road accident. The firm also takes care of personal injury cases that involve dog bites and also cases that involve premises or product liability. Consumer and debt collection rights are other areas of expertise.

7. The Law Firm is owned by Derek J. Wilson

The Litigation Office of Derek G. Wilson is an attorney practice specializing in personal injury located in San Diego that represents people who have been injured in motorbike accidents as well as other kinds of car accidents. The firm’s individual practitioners sue on behalf of its clients against insurance companies to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for the injuries suffered during the incident. The firm also offers legal representation for workplace disputes. Wilson has been named as a “rising star” by Super Lawyers as a “rising star” since the year 2015.

8. Lee Law Firm

Leigh Law Company is a personal injury and workers Compensation law firm located in San Diego. The firm assists victims of motorbike accidents by working with insurance companies in order to get the highest amount of compensation possible for medical expenses as well as lost wages and damages to the motorcycle. The injuries to the spine, dog attacks brain trauma, deaths due to negligence are just a few of the cases that the firm handles. Alexander J. Lee, the firm’s managing attorney is an active Member of the California State Bar.

9. Lincoln, Gustafson, and Circus

Established in 1987 In 1987 in San Diego, Lincoln, Gustafson & Cercos, LLP represents the victims of devastating automobile motorcycle, commercial, and transport accidents that caused injuries ranging from crush and burns to brain trauma and the death of a victim. Phoenix as well as Las Vegas are owned by the firm. The company can help in all aspects that involves civil laws. The co-founders of the firm, Thomas J. Lincoln, and Theodore R. Circus are members of the Clark County Bar Association and the San Diego Bar Association.

10. Ozules Law Firm

Ozols Law Firm is a San Diego personal injury law firm that has an experienced team of lawyers for motorcycle accidents. The firm assists clients with claim for compensation in the event of a motorcycle accident. The firm defends clients in legal actions against negligent parties as well as insurance companies and pursues the most possible settlement. It was recognized by the National Association of Trial Lawyers recognized the its founder Alex Ozols one of the 100 Top Trial Lawyers across America. Include adv