Learn how to make living wall decoration at home

Plants inside the residence are great options for decorating environments. In addition to giving a touch of nature and simplicity, it helps in the general well-being of those who are in the place.

Currently, vertical gardens are very successful for their sophisticated, naturalistic essence and also for their numerous benefits.

Thinking of adding a touch of style to your home? So, come learn how to make living wall decoration in your home.

What is living wall decor?

In fact, this type of decoration is not something that new. This type of decoration has been around for many decades. In fact, it gained a lot of space in urban and highly industrialized areas.

So, it is not difficult to see walls with plants when walking around the city. Well, it’s an attempt to add style. It also aims to bring some nature and fresh air amidst the chaos of the stone jungle.

It is very common for these green walls to be made with climbing plants, which cling to the vertical surface. However, there are other alternatives that are also useful to create this decoration.

Learn how to make living wall decor at home. Photo: Canva Pro

Benefits of using this style in your home

In addition to bringing a sensational aesthetic, the decoration of this style can guarantee many benefits to you and the other residents of the residence.

One of the great advantages of this type of garden is for residents of large centers. After all, plants guarantee air renewal, even on a small scale. That way, the heavy, polluted air of big cities can be a little less harmful to you.

Green walls are also very beneficial to inhabitants of very hot cities. Since plants promote a type of thermal control, as they refresh the environment.

Along with this, the place is much more beautiful and inviting, adding a more natural, fresh and lively style.

How to make living wall decoration?

Let’s start the living wall decoration project? First, choose the wall or wall you intend to use. And get to work! Well, know that there are some methods you can use to accomplish this, know some.

External walls or walls

For creating a living wall on a wall, the process is quite simple. It is enough to use a plant, of the climbing type, to carry out the planting at the base of this wall. With this, you must take care of the vines that will grow and fix themselves to the wall.

The most recommended plants for this purpose are cat’s claw, ivy, thumbberries, false vine and poets’ jasmine. Some of these species produce beautiful flowers. While, others offer foliage.

internal walls

In places where there is flooring or where there is no way to plant vines straight to the ground, the solution is to create a vertical garden with pots or cachepos.

This style also looks beautiful with the use of wooden structures and can be easy and cheap to assemble using pallets.

In addition, you can use several individual pots or even long models with two or three plants in each. Therefore, it is even more interesting if the angle of the pots are tilted, as it will create a waterfall effect.

It is possible to fix the vases on a wooden panel. Or even just fit the items in places already intended for this, in a pre-assembled structure. Fixing the pots directly to the wall is also possible, but it is recommended to use strong and long pots.

Remember to check that all the plants on your living wall can withstand the same conditions. In fact, avoid putting species with very different needs together.

As previously mentioned, the plants used in this method can also be of the climbing type. Thus, over time they will create a more uniform appearance for the vertical garden.

Other recommended plants are: ferns, dracenas, snake beard, morning glory, teardrop, among others.

Don’t forget that regular watering and pruning will help the green wall grow. Also, some fertilizers can help with the process.

vertical gardens

Another interesting idea to use living wall decor is to create a vertical vegetable garden. The method followed is the same for vertical gardens. The difference is that instead of ornamental plants, plants such as vegetables and spices for food are grown.

In addition to being a charm, it already guarantees some fresh food, right on your doorstep. Why don’t you start a great living wall decoration project in your home today? Thus, guarantee a unique charm in your home.

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