High-Performance Salesperson: Sales Training Isn’t Just for People Behind the Counter

High-Performance Salesperson: Sales Training Isn’t Just for People Behind the Counter

Although many professionals turn up their noses when someone talks about sales, saying that they don’t identify with the area, that they don’t know or don’t need to sell, most of them, even if they aren’t behind a counter, work with the sale of ideas, projects and services. Based on this premise, both those who work in commerce and in other areas must understand basic sales principles and can become a high-performance salesperson.

Let the sales mentor Amanda Maria say it, who after a long experience in the field, both as a salesperson and as a leader, decided to pass on her knowledge and for five years has been teaching the principles for those who want to leverage their careers.

But what is a high-performing salesperson? “In the company’s view, the high-performance salesperson is the goal breaker. It is the one who in addition to achieving goals can deliver positive results. In the seller’s view, he is the one who works and lives in balance: taking care of the family, health, the financial side, leisure, is self-motivated. The high-performance salesperson is able to manage his career as a whole, he understands that he needs to deliver the results to the company, but also take care of him so that the result is more lasting. This awareness is essential and needs to be worked on”, points out the specialist.

Amanda Maria highlights that a person who works self-motivated, she understands what she wants, where she wants to go and what she needs to do to achieve her results, being a leader of herself, entrepreneur of herself working in a company, and having ease in managing the personal life and professional issues.

The sales mentor describes the high-performing salesperson as a professional who has, above all, emotional balance. And this characteristic is the basis of everything to receive ‘no’ from the client, understand the pressure of the market, the pressure of your boss or the demands that the professional usually makes on himself.

“I compare the other essential skills for a successful salesperson to a triangle: on one side we have product knowledge, the salesperson needs to be an expert, a consultant in what he sells; in the other we have sales tactics and techniques, which are essential for sales development; and at the base of this triangle we have the motivation, the purpose. These three factors, combined with emotional balance, are essential for a salesperson to be successful”, he teaches.

Amanda Maria offers training for the most diverse profiles of professionals, whether they are directly linked to sales, self-employed professionals or those who work in private companies and seek better performance. She emphasizes that the proposal of the “High Performance Salesperson” is not for an isolated training, for a person who has teams, but the commercial vision that the professional needs to have about myself, this awakening of what he needs to do.

“In training we have a tool that is to build your knowledge action plan. The participant leaves the training knowing a lot about sales and understanding himself within the market, in addition to understanding what he still needs to develop. He’ll look at your sales graph, knowledge levels, and leave already knowing: this is where I need to attack, my deficits are here. In the same way that we are able to act by breaking beliefs in relation to sales, because there are many people who think that people are born salespeople, but in fact, people are not even born walking, let alone selling. Like everything else in life, selling is a skill that we learn, develop, but we have some characteristics that can make it easier”, he defends.
The specialist points out the advantages of entrepreneurs guaranteeing this type of training for their sales teams.

“The entrepreneur who invests in training manages to reduce conflicts, have a more engaged team in terms of results, spend less time fixing mistakes and more time developing people. It’s much easier to manage a team that knows what it wants. The training for high performance salespeople that I developed is focused on developing motivation, understanding what each salesperson’s motives are and working on this aspect to better manage their results, knowing where they want to go. Then we work with sales tactics and techniques, taking this information very clearly, how the sale was before, how it is done in the current scenario, making salespeople to be strategists, all the time creating relationships, learning to communicate better so that he is, in fact, a professional with high sales performance”, he teaches.

Amanda Maria considers it important that managers and leaders participate in training for several aspects. One of them is that the team clearly understands that the leader’s purpose is aligned with the new moment and everyone can speak the same language, that this is a moment of learning and knowledge exchange.

“Just as salespeople have pain, so do leaders. When the leader is in training, we can make this junction. As a leader, I know the pains of leadership, because leadership has a characteristic loneliness. We ended up putting this together and it works very well. I even have a training called ‘High Performance Sales Leadership’. It ended up evolving because in the sales training several managers ended up coming and I had the need to build a training just for management”, he reveals.

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