Goiás Fashion Week stirs up the fashion market; see how the opening went



Actress Cristiana Oliveira launches her book “Cristiana Oliveira, versions of a life” in Goiânia, on the 28th. The event will be held at the Óticas Motta unit in the Marista Sector, starting at 8 pm. Cristiana transformed her life story into a work that awakens the reader to the rescue of self-esteem and the end of the incessant search for acceptance. The book is an invitation to remember the iconic trajectory of the actress in her work and personal life.

Actress Cristiana Oliveira launches her book in Goiânia (Photo: Disclosure)

affordable fashion

With the aim of fighting fatphobia and valuing the diversity of real beauties, the event “Augusta Robusta – It’s not you who have to get into the clothes, it’s the clothes that have to get into you” will be held in Goiânia. The event will be on Sunday (25), from 1 pm to 8 pm, at Vila Cultural Cora Coralina, downtown Goiânia. All programming is free. In addition to changing clothes, the program includes a clothing and makeup customization workshop, conversation circles, disco and shows.

Augusta Robusta event promotes accessibility in fashion and combating fatphobia (Photo: Disclosure)


Guitarist and restaurateur (Maiale Empório e Restaurante) Sergio Araújo was in Rio de Janeiro, invited by Warner Chappell Music, to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the music publisher in Brazil. His band, Red Sand King, has just closed two shows in partnership with the New York band Your 33 Black Angels. The first will be held in Curitiba, at the John Bull Pub, on October 30th, and then, on November 1st, at the Bolshoi Pub, in Goiânia.

Sergio Araújo was in Rio de Janeiro to celebrate the 55th anniversary of Warner Chappell Music (Photo: Disclosure)


From September 22nd to October 2nd, Goiânia Shopping will be the meeting point for everyone who wants to live new gastronomic experiences. It is the new edition of the 2022 Gourmet Season. During the event, restaurants, food court operations, coffee shops and shopping emporiums will offer menus and special products at unique prices. The idea is to make it possible for customers to vary the day-to-day dishes and get to know the various food options with promotional values. There will be 24 different options this season, divided into four categories.

Goiânia Shopping launches new edition of the Gourmet Season (Photos: Disclosure)

Mental health

With the theme “The importance of Psychotherapy as a form of mental health”, Shopping Estação Goiânia promotes an online chat, on September 29, at 4 pm, with the master in psychology and professor at Faculdade Estácio de Sá, Luciano Barbosa de Queiroz. He will address therapy for the human being and give meditation tips for everyday life. Those interested in participating should access Microsoft Teams, through the link bit.ly/3cZkpVD.

Luciano Barbosa de Queiroz participates in a chat about mental health on the 29th (Photo: Disclosure)


This Thursday (22), Lowbrow performs another edition of the project ‘Cria!’, which aims to value local independent groups and their original grooves. The project is held once a month and the September attraction is the trio Overfuzz, which starts at 9:30 pm. Lowbrow Lab Arte & Boteco opens at 7 pm, with free visitation for the Oxigênio exhibition, signed by the multi-artist ZZZAGO.

Overfuzz opens the week of shows at Lowbrow, Thursday (22) (Photo: Raphael Saboya)

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