Folha de Pernambuco and Rádio Folha are selected in the Meta program

Folha de Pernambuco and Rádio Folha are selected in the Meta program

Innovation is constant work. Contrary to what many people might think, it does not only happen in the noise of great revolutions, but, above all, in the almost imperceptible silence of everyday life, more precisely, in the ability to see opportunities for improvement in the minimum and basic details of daily production. This is a lesson that organizations cannot ignore, especially when they are immersed in a hyper-connected society.

Always attentive to the innovations and trends that the information market is experiencing, Pernambuco leaf takes another important step towards renewing itself and staying in the spotlight in the increasingly complex and pulverized world of communication.

THE Radio Folha 96.7 FM is one of the 25 winners of the Accelerating Digital Transformation programinitiative of International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) in partnership with the Meta Journalism Projectof the company ahead of the Facebook, which offers training and mentoring to professionals and companies in order to develop an online journalistic product. the project of Sheet will be the launch of a podcast.

national competition
Divided into two stages, the program, which focuses on Media Education and Combating Misinformation, initially promoted training workshops. During the online meetings, participants were challenged to put into practice digital transformation strategies and develop a product or project to compete for the mentoring phase, which also provided a contribution of US$ 15,000 (approximately R$ 81,000).

About 800 projects from all over the country were registered and 25 were selected. Among them, the new podcast by Radio Folha 96.7 FMthe result of an integration work with the portal and the newspaper Pernambuco leaf.

“One point that draws a lot of attention is the mobilization of the team. It is not always that we are able to gather a large number of editors and reporters to participate in the sessions. And the Radio is managing to do that”, says the journalist and creator of Escola Digitalista (SP), Almir Rizzatto, who conducts the mentoring for the Radio Sheet 96.7 FM.

“I think this is an essential aspect because, above all, this digital transformation, so necessary in any communication vehicle, is not just an asset for radio, but something that will be reflected in the journalist’s own career”.

The ICFJ program manager, Thayane Guimarães, emphasizes that the partnership with Meta aims to strengthen the presence of journalistic services in digital media. “We have been doing the same type of digital transformation work in the newsrooms in Lebanon, for example, in other countries in Latin America, in Eastern Europe, on the African continent. It is very incredible that we can do this work around the globe and tell about such an important program here in Brazil”, he says.

physical redesign
The changes go beyond the type of content presented to the public. “The investment provides technical, technological and personnel improvement. It is a podcast that aims to be essential to the audience. What we have developed also has the perspective of permanence because it has generated an effective and innovative transformation from the point of view of production. Team engagement was essential. The success is also due to the commitment and professionalism of all those involved”, details the editor-in-chief of Folha, Leusa Santos.

web radio
The idea of ​​joining the ICFJ program arose from a mobilization made by the Brazilian Associations of Radio and Television Broadcasters (Abert) and Pernambuco (Asserpe).

“I equate this moment we are living with other historical transformations. These new languages ​​continue to communicate with the radio. I don’t think any other vehicle has been able to integrate so well with these changes. Traditional radio will continue to be very strong and has gained new life with the advent of social networks and the strengthening of these technologies. For example, we are now discussing what will happen to radio in the 5G era”, recalls Asserpe’s president, Nill Júnior. “The big challenge is to know which language to adopt in the new tools without losing the identity”.

Integrated writing
Given this scenario, it is always important to prepare the brand positioning in the different media. “We already recognize ourselves as a brand on social media. We have our own format. And this is the beginning of a process that we will follow and improve”, underlines the radio’s journalism manager, Marise Rodrigues.

Like all integrated work, the initiative also involves the engagement of other platforms, having a multiplier effect.

“It was a project that mobilized the entire newsroom a lot. And it needed to be done that way, because, although it was a podcast, it’s a videocast too, being a material that goes to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. So we need support from all areas. In this period of mentoring, we received these classes that are being aggrandizing, with ideas that help even more in this integrated writing project that we have today”, says the editor of the Portal Folha de PernambucoGabriella Autran.

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