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Eye treatment and all around

It is undisputed that eyesight is the reflection of your beauty. It’s also the first thing people take a look at. we
Pay particular focus on the eyes and the surrounding area Around. They are soft due to the
The skin’s suppleness in the area around the eye is among the most important factors that protect the skin from

Care for the area below the lower eyelids:

Make use of a short wooden pole, with the top end of which is a cotton piece to distribute the cream
oil, which is put on minor points on the outside corner of your eye to
You’re heading towards the outside of the eyelid, to the area near the nose, and then continue to do so.
Repeat the procedure repeatedly.

The upper eyelid, as well as the surrounding area

Repeat the previous motion; however, in reverse, i.e., you look from the inner corner of the eye.
to the corner that is at the edge of the outer corner

The area that lies between the outer edge of your eye.

This region has noticeable wrinkles, known as”the “goose leg.” We
The site was shaved down when the application of the lotion was made.

Tips for enhancing the beauty of your eyelids and eyes:

  1. Drink at least six glasses of water per day.
  2. .Sprinkle mineral water over your face several times before applying makeup or creams. Also, make sure you consume fresh fruits and veggies often.
  3. Aim to sleep for at least seven hours a day
  4. Use a rigid pillow
  5. Regular physical activity improves the muscles of the face as well as the entire body’s
  6. muscles
  7. . The face
  8. 8. Wash your face thoroughly before sleeping in consideration of the use of moisturizing creams
  9. You must safeguard your skin from the effects of weather
  10. Perform everyday facial exercises to achieve the desired results

. Poor habits can harm your eyes and your eyelids

1. Always messing up your fingers. as well as their surroundings, and the damage it can result in
2. Eyes shrink when smiling, resulting in wrinkles that last a long time. Half-closed eyes.

3. an eye toward people and other things as if you were gazing at the sun.

4 Raising your eyebrows when you talk

5- Wearing poor, unfit glasses or sunglasses with scratches and unsafe pillows when you sleep

7- Looking up at the light while sitting in front of your TV.

8- Women who are short-sighted frequently depend on wearing glasses and attempting to read
Work and write without glasses believing that glasses can affect the appearance of their eyes. However, this is not the case.
They are exposed to exercises designed to improve their eyesight:

You should know that many beneficial exercises can strengthen your eyes and maintain beauty.
1. To gaze at something far away, and then after that, to take a look at something close and repeat this
Repeat the process multiple times
2. Look at the highest point you can reach your eyes to on the right side without shifting your eyes.
Your head, then turn your focus to the most distant point to the left.

3. Look up to the highest point you can reach with your eyes closed, without moving your head, and rotate your head.
eyes down

4 You need to make a circular motion towards the right of the top, then to the left, then the left
down towards the left, then down downwards, and finally to the right (clockwise), then repeat the process many times.
. 5. Make the eyeball move in a circular motion counterclockwise.

Recipes from nature to enhance the eye-catching beauty:

1. You should consume fresh vegetables and lettuce to improve your vision since they are rich in vitamin C.
vitamin A.
2. Dates are eaten to maintain the eye’s luster and moisture and prevent the formation of exophthalmos and eliminate the cloudiness it has.  3 Almonds are consumed to help improve eyesight
. 4. parsley juice (two drops per eye) is applied three times per day to treat the condition known as ophthalmia. Parsley decoction is made (a tiny amount in the form of a Liter of water) to create poultices that can be applied to the eyes to ease the pain.