Everything you need to know to fly your Drone in Portugal this summer

Everything you need to know to fly your Drone in Portugal this summer
Fly Drone in Portugal
Everything you need to know to fly your Drone in Portugal this summer – ®DR

Summer is without a doubt one of our favorite seasons. for drone fans to fly their UAV’s and record spectacular images of their vacation trips. But remember, a drone is not a toy and flying it where it can’t or the wrong way can be dangerous and cause accidents. Therefore, to fly your drone in Portugal, it is essential that you know the requirements to do so legally and safely.

The first step is to be registered as an operator with the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC), the second, to be registered on the National Aeronautical Authority (AAN) platform, where you will request the necessary authorizations to capture any type of image, in accordance with the law in force. force. In addition, if you want to fly in national parks and other types of protected areas, you must obtain a permit from the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF). At the same time, to fly in coastal areas and bathing areas, you must have authorization from the National Maritime Authority (AMN), with the captaincy with jurisdiction in the flight area. Although these authorizations can be requested online, you can always get advice from companies specializing in unmanned aircraft and aeronautical management such as air cameras Portugal, thus ensuring that all procedures for obtaining the necessary authorizations were successfully completed.

Another of the most frequently asked questions is whether there is a minimum age to fly a drone, as there is for the car driving licence. In this case, the minimum age to fly a drone in Portugal is 16 years old. There is no maximum age, if the person feels able to do so, there is nothing mentioned in the current regulations that prevents him from flying, however, the pilot must be responsible and able to fly safely. To guarantee this safety and at the same time another type of knowledge, pilots need to undergo the training required for their certification. These trainings are the responsibility of the authorities of each EASA member state. It all starts with training in the open category, with the subcategory A1/A3, support for these trainings by external companies in the area of ​​training in the unmanned aircraft sector, such as air cameras Portugal based at Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN)it is undoubtedly an asset to the understanding of matters, which in most cases, become somewhat complex to common understanding.

Finally, it is important to note that although in Portugal drone insurance is only mandatory for aircraft weighing over 900 grams, it is always advisable to have civil liability insurance. It is not that the insurance does not in any way exempt the driver of responsibility for his actions, but in the event of an accident it will compensate the possible victims.


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