Embu das Artes: Mayor Ney Santos opens Mundo da Criança School, the largest in the region

Per Allan dos Reis, in Esplanada Park

On Saturday, Mayor Ney Santos inaugurated the Mundo da Criança daycare, at Parque Esplanada, on the border between Embu das Artes and Taboão da Serra. This is the largest school in the region with the capacity to serve 500 children up to five years old.

“Delivering the Mundo da Criança today is not just about fulfilling the desire and dream of 500 mothers. […] The population said that it seemed that this region was not on the map of Embu das Artes because it never benefited from the City Hall in Parque Esplanada. [E] Being here with you, delivering this day care, already allows us to dream about what the UBS and the Reference Center will be like and look at these buildings [da Cooperativa] makes me sure it was worth the wait. This neighborhood will be the best and the most valued”, says the mayor.

The building has 2,113m², 10 classrooms with sonar, cafeteria, playground, laundry, industrial kitchen, covered and uncovered patio, green area, cafeteria, laundry, pantry, toilets, playground and changing room with wardrobe. The largest day care center in Embu das Artes was built by the Vida Nova Housing Cooperative, in exchange for the buildings being built in the city.

Mayor Ney Santos opens the largest daycare center in the region, the Mundo da Criança Municipal School.

“We are not thinking about the next elections, we are thinking about the next generations. I and the other councilors will be there to ensure [apoio] so that more works like these are delivered. So mayor Ney Santos and vice president Hugo Prado have more peace of mind to take care of our people”, says the mayor, Renato Oliveira.


With modern architecture, an open central garden that guarantees natural lighting, in addition to fruit trees, the Mundo da Criança daycare was designed and equipped by the Vida Nova Housing Cooperative at Estrada São Judas, 329, close to the border between Embu and Taboão.

For director Hélio Tristão, “having a day care center of this magnitude is a source of pride for us at the Vida Nova Housing Cooperative in this public-private partnership. I hope we have others,” he says.

Directors of Cooperativa Hélio Tristão and Marilene Trappel highlight the partnership and quality of the school in Embu das Artes.

Director Marilene Trappel recalled the importance for mothers to have quality public equipment. “It is an honor to look at every mother who is here. It is a pride of mission accomplished, of happiness. To know that this is the best school in our region. Everything here is quality,” she says.

Ivan Ferreira da Cruz recalls the importance of – then President Aprígio – now licensed and mayor of Taboão da Serra, for this work. “The Cooperative sought to make the best project, the best place, the best construction. The architects made this beauty for the public of Embu das Artes”, he commented.

Embu das Artes gained another municipal school, in the Parque Esplanada neighborhood.

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