Coimbra Contemporary Art Center reinstalled in another location

Coimbra Contemporary Art Center reinstalled in another location

“IT IS a much more ambitious project than the one that already existed, with the option of Military Maintenance”, revealed the mayor of Coimbra, José Manuel Silva, at the end of the opening session of the PARTE Summit, which takes place throughout the day in the Convent of São Francisco, in Coimbra.

At the beginning of the year, the Coimbra City Council executive approved a proposal to formalize the reversion of the former Military Maintenance building, with the aim of hosting the city’s future Contemporary Art Center.

This space would have to be adapted and requalified to house the Center for Contemporary Art of Coimbra, currently operating in downtown, next to the Arco de Almedina.

To journalists, the mayor declined to advance the new location for the project, stating only that it is a differentiating project for the city, which will be “signed by a great architect”.

“This Contemporary Art Center will seek to recover the memories of the Monastery of Santa Cruz, including with some reconstructive process, which will allow giving a much more impactful dimension and meaning than expected”, he added.

José Manuel Silva highlighted that the project to be presented will not be carried out in a single term, and therefore, “it is essential that there is a commitment to its development on the part of all political forces”.

“We are convinced that the project that we will present will be sufficiently motivating to involve all political forces”, he also pointed out.

During the opening session of the PARTE Summit, the mayor had already expressed his intention to see Coimbra as a great Center for Contemporary Art, which could be a national reference for contemporary art.

“It is the intention of the Municipality of Coimbra to compete for the structural funds of PT 2030 and, for that, we have already presented the idea and project for the reinstallation of the Contemporary Art Center in Coimbra in a space of sufficient size and of quality and historical weight to affirm” , said.

Throughout his speech, the mayor considered essential a “more ambitious and consistent” commitment to the art tourism segment and its multiple cultural and economic potential, “not only in Coimbra but in the entire Central Region”.

“The Coimbra City Council intends to increasingly assume contemporary art as one of the anchor areas of its cultural strategy and of the identity narrative of the Coimbra territory, understood in a broad sense, giving it more resources, stimuli, training, dissemination and promotion at national and international level, in order to guarantee an effective continuity and sustainability of ongoing projects, emerging ideas and divergent thoughts”, he concluded.

The PARTE Summit has, today and in August, its first edition, between the cities of Coimbra and Loulé, in an international meeting with some of the “most influential thinkers in the contemporary art world”.

They propose “a new format for reflection and knowledge sharing, which takes as a starting point 12 questions previously formulated by some of the most influential thinkers in the artistic world, gathered in Portugal at the invitation of the PARTE program”.

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