Car insurance: learn how to hire and avoid problems

Car insurance: learn how to hire and avoid problems

Although simple, hiring this service requires knowledge

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Hiring car insurance is important to minimize problems in case of theft, theft or traffic accident

There’s no denying the satisfaction of driving your own car out of a dealership. To maintain happiness and minimize problems, it is essential to hire a auto insurance. In addition to the high rates of car theft In our country, all drivers are exposed to the daily risks of road accidents. Traffic. See some tips:

  • What are your car needs? Assess your need and make the best choice regarding the insurance that will be taken out. If you use the vehicle daily, the most recommended would be a more complete coverage. If vehicle circulation is more sporadic, only on weekends, perhaps coverage against theft and theft may be an alternative.
  • Is your car targeted? Knowing whether or not the car being purchased is targeted, the result of constant robbery or theft, is essential. This can increase or reduce the chances of a claim and, as a consequence, influence the value of the claim. “award” (amount to be paid by the policy) to be contracted.
  • What are the Types of Insurance? In general, there are 4 types:
  1. Comprehensive Insurance: this is the most complete and most expensive coverage, recommended for those who use the vehicle daily;
  2. Theft and Theft Insurance: is the modality that only protects the vehicle in cases of vehicle subtraction;
  3. Third Party Insurance: is the coverage that protects against damages caused to other people involved in the accident with the insured. This modality can be contracted as a complement to other types of insurance;
  4. Insurance for Passengers: this coverage protects the insured against moral, personal or physical damage suffered by the vehicle’s passengers.
  • Pay attention to the “Risk Form”. Necessary for analysis on the acceptance or not of the insurance by the insurer, they have information that directly influence the final value of the “policy” (agreement signed between the parties, where all the rights, duties, coverage and responsibilities of the parties are described). Even though some information may increase the value of the insurance, the provision of false data may cause the insurer to refuse to pay claims.
  • What is Franchise? The deductible is the amount that must be paid by the insured to cover a claim. partial. A fixed amount is normally assigned when taking out the insurance. For cases in which the vehicle is totally lost, the insurance deductible is not charged, as well as cases of request for services related to 24-hour assistance and third-party insurance activation.
  • Always count on an Insurance Broker. It is essential to have an insurance broker capable of understanding your needs, to find exactly what you need. In addition, the broker can help you with all your doubts and explain exactly how it works and what is included in the insurance being contracted.
  • Search for the Insurer. The insurance sector is a regulated body and “Susep” (Superintendence of Private Insurance) is the responsible body. On its website ( it is possible to search for information about insurance companies, insurance brokers and self-employed brokers. Only registered companies can sell insurance in Brazil. Don’t take risks, protect yourself from unexpected situations. Prevent yourself and be safe with your car.

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