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A week from now, one of the biggest architecture and decoration events in the Sergipe capital begins: the Aracaju Exhibition. Between September 14 and October 30, 34 professionals, including architects, interior designers and landscape designers, will be able to exhibit their work to the public.

This is the 11th edition of the Mostra, which has been taking place for over twenty years. The novelty of this edition is that, unlike the previous ones, the place chosen for the exhibition of the works was a house, where 31 environments will be presented.

Located on Avenida Beira Mar, the house that will host the event is an icon of Sergipe architecture. Built in the 70s, with a project signed by the architect Osiris Silva, it was inhabited by businessman Valteno Menezes for 15 years. It was also there that, for 25 years, the Secretary of State for Justice functioned.

The objective, according to the event’s organizers, is to present the sector’s novelties to the market, in addition to valuing architects, designers and landscapers who work in Sergipe, providing visibility to professionals who will exhibit their work. The initiative challenges itself to be more than an architectural event, also seeking to promote culture, gastronomy, fashion and art.

The Exhibition proves to be a true showcase, where professionals are able to present their work to the public, expose their concepts, network, inspire new customers, maintain relationships with suppliers and stimulate future business.

Architect Maira Prado is one of the 34 participants in the 11th edition of the event. This is the fourth time she has joined the Mostra’s list of members, but the first time she will exhibit her work alone. Until then, she presented it in partnership with her mother, who is also an architect.

For this edition of Mostra Aracaju, she designed a baby room, inspired by her recent experience as a mother. According to the architect, the objective was to present a welcoming, comfortable and functional environment.

She believes that the event comes as a way to strengthen relationships with professionals in her and other areas. “I think the show contributes a lot, in the sense of being able to meet other professionals, other suppliers, and be in contact with a different audience, because you leave your niche a little bit and end up meeting other people too”, said the architect in an interview. to F5 News.

In addition, she sees the Aracaju Show as an opportunity to gain more credibility with the sector and the public. “It’s a way to strengthen your personal and professional image a little more, because the Aracaju Exhibition already has a name. There are more than 20 years of exhibition, so it gives certain credibility to the professional who participates”, she says.

Maira Prado did not hide her excitement at being able to exhibit an environment in the iconic house chosen for the Mostra. “The architecture of the original house is already very interesting and, as it is a real house, the environments will be real environments. This already gives a new look to the visitor. This edition will be very special for that reason. Apart from that it is an iconic house, it is beautiful, everyone who knows the original house is delighted with it”, she concludes.

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