9 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained Here are some bizarre cat behaviours and reasons behind them.

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In addition to being adorable, cats can often indulge in behavior that could seem weird to humans. However, what appears unnatural to you usually has a logical explanation hidden underneath. Therefore, here are some bizarre cat behaviors and reasonable reasons behind them:

Pets are the most beautiful pets to have as. No one doesn’t enjoy a cat in the living room, pretending it’s their home, right? Cats are generally considered similar to humans in that they are fond of their food and prefer having their separate space, and are known to reach out to pet them when they require a hug or reassurance.

Alongside being cute, cats are also known to exhibit behavior that might appear strange to humans. What may seem odd to you could typically have a rational reason. Here are some peculiar cat behavior and the rationale behind these:

1. Kneading

If you’re on the couch or taking a nap at home, your cat may be present and start working on your body or blanket. This is also referred to as “making biscuits” by some people. This is not only an opportunity to show that the cat is content, at ease, secure, and safe. It’s also a method for them to calm themselves when upset or stressed. It’s a way to mark their scent to their owner or a stray object by using the sweat glands in their paws. Kittens rub their stomachs with their mothers to encourage their milk production. This habit also extends through adulthood and is displayed as a variety of emotions.

2. Burying/Covering Their Poop

Cats are frequently observed covering or burying their litter. One reason is that cats are taught litter manners by their mothers. They are trained to hide poop and urine. They are also susceptible to the smell of their surroundings. So they will cover their urine if they are unhappy with the scent or want the surrounding area to smell fresh. It’s almost as if they mark that litter box theirs by maintaining the area “business” covered. If you notice cats that don’t cover their poop, it’s most likely because they don’t think of the litter box as their property.