5 Image Banks to Find Splendid Visuals for Your Projects

5 Image Banks to Find Splendid Visuals for Your Projects

Top 5 Image Banks to Find High Quality Images

Do you want to instantly make your content more attractive? You just need to add visuals. Statistics reveal that Facebook posts with images achieve 2.3 times more engagement than those without photos.

But that’s not the only benefit of adding attractive images to your website, blog or social network. Carefully selected images contribute to your brand image and can help audiences connect more with you. They visually aid blog posts, landing pages, guides, and other long-form materials. When people view images, they better understand and memorize the subject.

There’s no need to hire a photographer or spend a huge budget creating images – you can use stock photos. Discover in this article the most popular free and paid image banks and their benefits.

What is stock image?

The stock image is created by a designer, illustrator or photographer and then uploaded to stock photography websites. While the creator retains the rights to their work, these visuals may be legally used for commercial, personal, or editorial purposes.

Stock photography platforms allow users to download photos for free from their large collections or after purchasing a plan. Creators can receive donations from anyone who uses their visuals or get paid when someone downloads their content.

Top free image sites

N°1 Depositphotos

Founded in 2009, the content banking platform provides numerous royalty-free image options. You can choose from over 230 million photos, illustrations, vectors, videos and music files. Although the number of visuals is very impressive, the image search on https://br.depositphotos.com will not be a challenge thanks to its system with artificial intelligence and thematic categories.

There is a collection of approximately 70,000 free files in which you can browse high quality images and use them only with attribution. To download paid files without a watermark, you have the option of purchasing a subscription or a tailored plan. The value of a bespoke plan will depend on the number of images you will download; the options are 3, 10, 25 or 100 images per year.

Depositphotos has both Standard and Extended licensed content. Stock image content downloaded under the Standard license can be printed and used in digital materials. However, printing is limited to 500,000 copies. The Extended license allows all of this without any limitation, and you can also use the content for free distribution or resale material, such as coloring books, posters, t-shirts and more.

No. 2 Pixabay

This site has over 2.5 million free images, music and videos. All these files are licensed by Pixabay, which allows the use of content for personal as well as commercial projects. However, the license prohibits the sale of downloaded files without major modifications.

The platform has an excellent team responsible for reviewing all new image submissions. They assess image quality and legality to ensure that all visuals are safe.

No. 3 Unsplash

Unlike previous sites, this platform is only focused on photos and can provide over 2 million of them today. Novice and experienced photographers around the world submit their work to the site, making the image collection even more diverse and authentic. All images are free to download and, if you like the professional, you can contact him directly and hire him for a greater collaboration.

The Unsplash license allows you to download and use photos for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. However, you can’t just sell them without a significant modification.

N°4 Pexels

Pexels offers royalty-free images and videos. Here you can find a great diversity of collections, classified by theme, color and type of use (backgrounds, models, covers, among others). To learn more about photography topics, you can try one of the many challenges available on the site or read photographer interviews.

The Pexels license allows the use of free images without any attribution. However, it is not possible to redistribute the images, sell to other stock photography platforms or make unmodified copies (posters, prints and other products).

No. 5 StockSnap

StockSnap offers a wide variety of beautiful images and a handy search feature – a tag-based category system. It allows you to search for images by category, mood, meaning or feeling they express.

You can download photos from the image bank and use them under the Creative Commons CC0 license. You can download photos, switch them and use them for free in personal and commercial projects. However, it is prohibited to suggest any endorsement of people or things depicted in the images. For example, you can’t use a person’s photo and imply that they think your brand is the best.

The advantages of using free stock images


Of course, free image banks are for free use. However, some sites may also offer plans to download images without a watermark or use content under an Extended license. But buying a premium subscription can be cheaper than hiring a photographer, designer or illustrator to create images. That’s why stock photography websites are a great option for small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs who want to save on visuals.

licensed content

If you download and use some random image from the internet, you may face legal problems later. However, this will not happen if you download photos from free image sites. These platforms use pre-made licensing, so any available image is usually safe to use.

In any case, always check the licensing terms for the platform you are using. What works for one site may be considered copyright infringement by another.

delivery speed

Using stock photography sites, you don’t have to hire photographers or digital artists to achieve the images you want. You save time looking for the right professionals, explaining your ideas and waiting until the visuals are delivered.

However, if you need more specific images, such as photos of your brand’s products, the best option would be to resort to professionals instead of using image banks.


Usually, stock photos offer large, high-quality images, so it’s easy to adjust these files to your needs: crop, remove backgrounds, adapt them to your designs, and the like. They give you a lot of flexibility to adjust visuals to your brand.

In short

Stock photography sites are one of the best sources for images, especially if you’re on a budget or need last-minute visuals. Its main benefits are: high-quality content, extensive image collections, and proper licensing that helps you avoid legal issues. However, you should always check each site’s content licensing to make sure it doesn’t violate any copyright laws.

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