5 decorating tips for outdoor areas

The outside of the house also deserves special attention when it comes to decoration. However, this care may vary according to the type of space, purpose and wishes of the resident. So check out the tips to make your home even more cozy!

The outside area of ​​the house also needs special attention.

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balcony and terrace

Before knowing which decorative elements should compose the balcony or terrace, it is important to understand the difference between these spaces. According to the architect Karoline Coutinho, what makes them different is just the location. The balcony is located in front of the house or, in the case of apartments, connected to one of the entrance rooms; the terrace, in turn, is at the top of the property.

1. Furniture that can be used

The architect Gabriela Barros explains that the furniture most suitable for use on the balcony and terrace are sofas, side and coffee tables, armchairs and ottomans. She also emphasizes that, if these spaces are open, such furniture must be made of resistant materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, synthetic or natural fiber. That way, they won’t wear out when exposed to rain or sun.

2. Color palette

According to Karoline Coutinho, there is no specific pattern of colors that can be used to decorate the balcony and terrace. “This will depend a lot on the personality of the residents or the style of the environment”, she adds. She only emphasizes that the use of tonalities must harmonize with the other elements present in the environment.

Important to invest in light points in specific locations

Important to invest in light points in specific locations

Photo: Shutterstock / EdiCase Portal

3. Which lighting to use?

For Gabriela Barros, the balcony and terrace must have more than one type of lighting, to assist in the demands of the residents. “The ideal is to have a cold light (white) to meet the work functions and a scene with warm lighting (yellow) to provide a more intimate and relaxed environment”, he suggests. Also according to the architect, it is also important to invest in points of light in specific places, such as floor, table and wall lamps.

4. Decorative objects

The decorative objects for the balcony and terrace do not have to be the same. In the case of the balcony, the architect Gabriela Barros recommends the use of paintings, vases, straw baskets and rugs made of natural fibers. As for the terrace, she recommends using nautical fabric cushions, natural or synthetic fiber swings and water fountains.

5. Plants for outdoor area

The plants They are also very suitable for decorating external environments. However, Karoline Coutinho clarifies that the most suitable species are those that are resistant to the sun, such as Espada-de-São Jorge, those of small size, such as cactus and succulents, and those that can be grown in pots and pruned, such as Clusia, Dracena and bamboo palm.

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